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We provide a white label mobile app for your workers and cloud software back end to access them on demand.
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Faster bookings

Get jobs filled much faster so you can focus on the activities that make you money like getting new clients.

Reduce admin

Automate otherwise laborious admin tasks. No more ring rounds, chasing temps or wondering who is available.

Focus on growth

Barriers for growth are lack of clients, temps and time spent on admin. Let your app do the hard work for you.

Problems for recruitment agencies

Slow response times

Once you have a booking you need to find out who is available, usually you'll have a good idea but there are no guarantees and it a lot of time to commit.

Time consuming tasks

Ring rounds, job details, reminders, updating details, collecting hours, work histories, cancellations, no-shows, schedules, managing temps and registering temps.

Lack of productivity

Running a temporary recruitment agency is hard work and needs a lot of servicing to work efficiently, unfortunately this can take time away from sales.


What if you could focus more on revenue?

The biggest blockers for continued growth are the time consuming tasks that take you away from your next booking. We are building a fast, scalable and beautiful solution to manage your temporary staff, by taking away the need to spend time on laborious task so you can once again focus on recruitment.

Spend less time searching for available temps, sending jobs details and confirming bookings.
Spend more time improving customer service and user experience through your mobile app.
Easily assign jobs, automate sending job details, reminders and back fills when people let you down.

Next time you have a no show you won't need to lift a finger, the app will automatically put out an urgent request to available temps and accept one, send details and inform you and the client.


are you on mobile?

The majority of job seekers are searching for work on their phones!

Its not just the youngest generation of workers searching on mobile (78%) its everyone. Over 50% of all workers start their search on their phone, if you are not there to capitalise you are cut off from half of the labour market. You need to be where your next temporary worker is and we will help you do that with your own mobile app downloadable in the Apple and Android stores.

Uber changed the game and as a result on demand work is easier than ever to find and many companies are following suit with great success. Recruitment is the perfect industry for a mobile app. Its a much faster, more convenient and cost effective way to engage and manage your workers through our solution. Having your own mobile app sets you up for future success by adopting modern technology.


What can a mobile app do for you?

A mobile app will help you engage with your workers in the medium they want. Spending less time calling every candidate will give you more time to focus on building relationships.

Improve communication by putting you in the hand of every worker with real-time messaging and updates proven to be more effective than any other form of communication (SMS messages have a 95% read rate).

Manage all workers in an easy to use dashboard: creating job requirements, assigning temps, updating details, send messages,  checking availability, applications and more.

Increase your response times to bookings and avoid potential let downs by using automation to back fill roles and select the available candidates for jobs.

Having your app at the forefront of your temps phones will grow you brand and reputation. Your hard work deserves recognition and a good mobile strategy will separate you from your competition.


How do we beat the competition?


We're are always improving, we constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve. We use feedback to build the product you need with regular updates.


We will work with you closely ensuring you are always benefiting from our service. Including guides, general and technical support when needed.


Our cloud based software offers unparalleled security, reliability and scalability. Whether you're starting a recruitment agency or successfully operating.

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