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Startwork is recruitment agency software to communicate with and schedule workers through your own mobile app.

Before Startwork: Contacting workers is time consuming, consultants feel stressed and bookings slip away.

After Startwork: Contacting workers is easy, consultants feel great and filling jobs is a breeze.

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Your logo and colours

Startwork keeps your brand and reputation at the forefront of your candidate experience. You can upload your logo and colours to the Startwork app.

Improve engagement

Workers spend lots of time on their phones. You need to engage them where they are so you have more workers for your jobs.

Instant in app messages

You're spending too much time calling, emailing and texting workers. Replace all that work with reliable in app messages.

Get more temporary staff out to work

improve RESPONSE times

Overcome let downs.

It happens to the best of us, people let you down, almost daily and we'll help you overcome your next. Startwork has tools that improve your response times.

Before Startwork: You scrambling to replace let downs, consultants feel like it's a losing battle.

After Startwork: You quickly know who is available and automate details being sent, consultants feel like "I can do this" everytime.


White labelled

Show off your business with your branding and colours retained throughout the mobile app.


Job inbox

Send bookings straight to workers so they can see what is available and apply at the click of a button.



Your workers will know where they are needed and when with an easy to use schedule.



Keep in contact with your workers at all times whenever you need. You can send in app messages.



Work histories and any associated notes are found in the profile. Workers can also update personal details.



Send notifications straight to your workers phones whenever you need to. Let them know of your urgent requirements.

web app for consultants

Web app for temp recruitment agencies

Manage your workforce from one web application.



Create bookings quickly with one simple form, choose the dates, times, quantity, payrate, location and more.



Invite your workers by email to complete their registration. See everyone in a searchable list.



Send messages directly to your workers whenever you need to, equally they can reach you.



Create client profiles so you can quickly create a booking and have some details automatically filled.



Manage user accounts or white-label settings that will display in the app once your worker has signed in.



You'll get support whenever you need it, not sure how something works or have a great idea? Let us know!


What do you need to do?

INVITE WORKER via EMAIL from your web app
WORKER completes REGISTRATION and downloads the app.
WORKER SIGNS IN and is ready to go.


Organise and manage your workers at scale.

Improve communication

Improve communication by putting you in the hand of every worker with real-time messaging and updates proven to be more effective than any other form of communication.

Streamline management

Manage all workers in an easy to use dashboard: creating jobs, assigning workers, updating details, sending messages,  checking availability, applications and more.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling tools that replace email and text messages. Never worry about sending a job confirmation again with any changes automatically updated in the workers schedules.

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