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Everything you need to successfully maintain, manage and grow your business at scale.

We want to be the #1 choice for temporary recruitment agencies and to do that we need to successfully support the growth of our partners.  We will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals so we can get to ours together.

Faster bookings

Get jobs filled much faster so you can focus on the activities that make you money like getting new clients.

Reduce admin

Automate otherwise laborious admin tasks. No more ring rounds, chasing temps or wondering who is available.

Focus on growth

Barriers for growth are lack of clients, temps and time spent on admin. Let your app do the hard work for you.

Why us?

Software that works for you

Startwork is a whitelabel mobile app for temporary recruitment agencies to manage jobs and workers. With powerful tools to perform labour intensive tasks such as finding out who is available, backfilling positions, assigning candidates, sending job details and more.

We want to work with agencies interested in moulding the future of recruitment software, with your feedback we can grow together.

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