the industrial recruitment industry

Perfect for the fast paced industrial industry.

The Industrial industry is highly demanding and often changes at the drop of a hat. Seasons, peaks and troughs make it one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors. Are you getting the most out of your work?

Startwork helps you stay on top whatever comes your way. We come from an industrial recruitment background so you can rest assure that we know what it takes to be successful in this area.

Overcome cancellations

Next time a job is cancelled Startwork will identify the next available worker and send them job details automatically.

Automate reminders

Startwork will notify you workers of any upcoming jobs, changes or cancellations in real time straight to the mobile app.

Accurate schedules

Startwork keeps workers informed and schedules updated so you don't need to make a call, email or text every time something changes.

bespoke recruitment software

Moving past excel and paper

There are many talented recruiters still using excel and paper but this is a strategy over 10 years old and technology has moved past just storing your data.

It's worth asking what excel and paper does for you?

Excel doesn't use data to perform recruitment tasks and paper doesn't scale reliable past notes.

Our software was built for you, when you give us data we perform tasks so you don't have to.

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reliable all year

Seasons, peaks and troughs

The industrial recruitment industry can be defined by its ever changing requirements and every single booking is treated like a life and death situation. You need to be able rely on your tools throughout your seasons, peaks and troughs.

Startwork understands this and is reliable, accessible and consistent, we take pride in preventing bookings from being lost.

Automate tasks

Spend less time searching for available temps, sending or updating jobs details and confirming bookings.

Real-time results

Things like availability, scheduling and messaging are all available in an instant.

Retain your best workers

Improve your customer service and user experience through your mobile app.

Why us?

Born from frustration!

Startwork is born from frustration, not having enough time to service, source and grow without running the risks of under performing.

We understand the problems temporary recruitment agencies face and we believe it's not a losing battle. Startwork takes on your laborious tasks so you can focus on more important things.

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